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About Akira


Akira, no doubt, she is one of the best vipescort London has seen. In fact, she is one of our most book VIP call girls! She has all the qualities needed for a woman to be the most successful high class VIP girl. Akira is a 5ft 6 tall, Italian model with a perfect face and a brilliant mind for erotic games, unlike many VIP call girls. With such a body and a glowing radiant skin, Akira looks good enough to eat and she encourages you to. Her tanned and lithe body you would expect of her to be submissive and innocent. Be aware! She will tell you subliminally who is in charge. With a look like that, you know that Akira would make a stunning impression for any special occasion you want to attend to. It is not only Akira’s natural beauty that will make all the heads turn but her grace and her posture that are irresistible even for the most demanding men. There aren’t many VIP call girls that can compete with her.


Akira is a 22 year old both catwalk model and a VIP escort educated in London at UCL. She is currently studying comparative literature. Akira wanted to find a job that could satisfy her intellectual potential and her desires as well. She made her way in the world being the most desired VIP escort among the VIP escorts in London. For all the gentlemen who are interested in enjoying the sights and sounds of London, Akira is eager to take you on a tour. Elite escort Akira will impress you with her knowledge and natural intelligence which is evident in a conversation. There are not many VIP call girls who can satisfy and mentally challenge you.


What is even more impressive about Akira is her positive attitude that matches her vibrant personality. Not only she is sweet, sensual, and sexy, she is also a firm woman who will take you towards new realms and let your explore them, just like professional VIP girls would let you to. Akira has a good command of English. You will be thrilled to hear her talking about her passion for literature with a flawless British accent. Millions VIP call girls cannot compete with her.


Our brunette beauty is an elite London escort for the simple reason that she has too much to give. She is a well-traveled young lady which makes her perfect for the corporate events. She is an absolute professional who discretely delivers the escort experience a tensed man needs. Akira loves to be a luxury companion; she loves the feeling of bringing joy to others, even for a couple of hours. Akira confesses that she loves to be an object of beauty and elegance for discerning clients. Whenever she meets someone for the first time, the adrenaline rush makes her create the best moment alongside the most desired among the VIP call girls. Able to provide an open minded and adventurous experience, Akira is suitable for both men and women. Unlike many escorts VIP labeled, Akira is able to take care of you and your partner equally. So, why shouldn’t you have the time of your life while in London accompanied by one voluptuous Italian escort that will make your heart pump blood faster? Aren’t many VIP call girls the way Akira is.


Akira’s VIP call girl stories


”God, I was terrified looking back at my first night as an escort. My best friend from Italy was a hooker. She warned me that my life as an escort would not be the way I would like to be. Based on the fact that she had a rough life as a hooker in Italy, she had all the intetions to keep me safe from any trouble. She could not make the difference between hookers and VIP call girls and I wanted to be a VIP call girl. I had no intentions to work on the streets. Nevertheless, my heart was pumping like crazy on my first night.

My first client, to the untrained eye (such as mine back then) didn’t look like a model magazine not even like a cute old man. I freaked out a little bit.I thought that only VIP call girls have the right to confirm or decline a booking. Anyway, judging by his appearance I thought that he would be a lousy catch. But soon, proofs were about to show me I was just an untrained girl. He asked me to sit next to him assuring me that a young lady like me was ought to be treated with respect. He was a gentleman in his 40’s, good at talking, and confident. Oak, muss and musk were emanating from his skin, I remeber that clearly. He asked my permission to kiss me. He run his fingers through my hair telling me that one day I will be the most sought after among the VIP call girls in London.

My lips kissed his and without a thought his hand were moving towards my legs as we were sitting on the bed. He was so calm, so relaxed, so confident, looking like he had priory planned everything. My lips were kissing his shoulders and my legs were spreading open for him. But I didn’t let him please me first so I went down on him. He was so lost that he came hard. You can imagine what happened next.”

If you are planning to spend wisely your time with professional VIP call girls, look no further. Akira will give you a proper treatment.   


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