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About Alice 


There is nothing more beautiful and alluring than a beautiful Latin brunette with natural curves; and no surgical intervention handles this artistry more than nature itself. Vipescort and sultry Alice was born to please the finest gentlemen with such a sensuality, astounding even for the most demanding men. Alice adores enjoying the finest things in life and now she wants to share her pleasant experiences with you. What else can a VIP escort eater want more? Stunning Alice has the whole package so that you will feel like you have spent your time at its fullest accompanied by a seductive lady. The 22 year old Brazilian brunette knows how to heat things up in no time.

Alice was born in Rio de Janeiro and she came to Britain when she was 18 years old. She got accepted at an art school here and she graduated last year. Since then she has been looking for a fulfilling job. As a vipescort she is doing what she loves and she cannot be happier than that. She learned a lot about life practicing her job that is also a way of life. Sparkling and beauty, Alice is the most beautiful girl who will turn your world up side down.

Her outgoing personality defines her from other VIP girls and her youthful and voluptuous hourglass figure will set your mind on fire. Indeed, there are many VIP escorts in London, yet no one has the personality that make you feel like you are her priority. Let vipescort Alice make you forget the stress in your life. All the escorts VIP labeled in London will not give you a proper treatment as Alice is apt at giving.

Stunning brunette Alice is indeed a feast for your senses if you let her express herself at one of your encounters. Here, at our agency, we have many admirers of our VIP call girls with sensual, beautiful, and natural curves yet all the eyes are set on Alice. Why? Because it is extremely rare to meet a lady that is so assured of her body. And no, we are not talking about a vipescort who loves to show off her assets, we are talking about a lady who knows how to value her body by expressing her femininity through gestures. Yet, be aware that you may become addicted to her. Even though she is Brazilian, Alice is fluent in English so that you will not have any communication problem when you meet. Our hot Brazilian makes a charming companion for dinner being an excellent listener wrapped up in a sexual tension releaser. It is impossible to be immune to her charms, the charms of a gorgeous lady who knows exactly how to entice you. Vipescort Alice has the whole package.

If you are looking for the best, high class Alice has a warm and adaptable personality that will suit any occasion. Because she fully enjoys being an elite companion she has managed to compete with many palace VIP escorts and win her first place as a VIP escort. Alice is also the perfect fit whether you want to enjoy her presence individually or you want to share her with another person. You can book her as an executive travel companion also. She will gladly introduce you to London’s effervescent life. Vipescort Alice will not disappoint you.

Let’s hear what Alice has to say about one of her nights spent as a vipescort


I have never delivered my services as a VIP escort to an artist. Being myself an artist, I always had in mind that artists are more engaged in the sexual intercourse, which is a form of art, too. I was sure that an artist is well capable of transforming everything, including sex into a masterpiece. Finally I had the chance to meet one. It was an outcall meaning that I was visiting him. I didn’t know that he is an artist until I entered his home, yet he knew that I was a vipescort; not a fair exchange. I didn’t know he is a piano teacher. He was still giving lessons to a pupil. “That will be all for today,” he said to his pupil, after seeing me.

He had cold features, impenetrable, neither pleasant nor unpleasant but they were getting softer as he was hitting the notes on his piano. While we were chatting, his chief brought us two plates of fruits. He said that he had a rough time searching for the best escort agencies. “But it doesn’t matter”, he added, “Here we are now.” I don’t remember saying anything, I was nervous because finally my dream of meeting an artist was unfolding right before my eyes. Right after he said that I am a vipescort who deserves a proper treatment, he handed me what it looked like a golden vibrator. He implied that I should perform a solo audition for her. I did not know what to say, but I was stunned how firm he was. He comforted me saying that if my music was juicy enough we would perform together.

I kissed the golden vibrator with my purple lips and squeezed my thighs feeling aroused at the thought of throwing my best vipescort solo audition for him. He loved it. I managed to make that “musical instrument” sing dirtier than ever.  Guess what happened? Next thing I know he was tearing off my clothes like a mad man.”

Book Alice and you will not regret it. She will be your companion so that you can enjoy both her presence and London’s best attractions.

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