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About Amanda 


Sensual brunette and playful 21 year old Amanda, you will barely keep your mind when you are in her company. Selected as one of the finest among the VIP escorts in London, Amanda doesn’t play when it comes to please her gentleman. This smoking hot European export is ready to show you the true meaning of what an upscale entertainment means. With a strong passion for life and a devilish look, brunette vip escort Amanda will rock your world without having second thoughts. VIP escort Amanda, unlike many palace VIP escorts does her job with such an excitement that you will think that she was born to be the most desired among the VIP girls. Amanda lives for the excitement, pleasure being extremely confident that you will enjoy every second with her. It is not a secret that she moves and looks like a star judging her based on her photo gallery. She knows how to dress to impress making everyone turn their heads when she enters the room.

So, selecting the finest girl among the VIP escorts will bring you nothing but joy and compliments if you decide to take her out on a date or to a corporate party. If you love young brunette catwalk models with a perky personality, then Amanda is the best fit for you. Originally from Europe, VIP babe Amanda loves her life on a move. She is well-travelled which makes her encounter with her more exciting because sure she has cultural aspects to share with you. She loves discovering new things the way she adores discovering men. Beautiful brunette Amanda, the finest among the VIP escorts in London has an irresistible sensual energy and, no matter how tired you are after a long business trip or an important business meeting, she will set you on motion in a blink of an eye.

Amanda can be booked for dinner, parties, role plays, and even for the most desired experience by most of the travellers: the girlfriend experience. The girlfriend experience, according to Amanda is a beautiful experience that blurs any boundary between a man and an escort. The more professional and authentic are the escorts VIP labelled the better is the experience. Only professional VIP escorts can offer the best girlfriend experience because there is more than a sexual encounter in which both the escort and the client engage.

The girlfriend experience involves a more personal interaction and if the escort is cold and not interested in catering to her client’s needs, than the experience will be a mess. The girlfriend experience varies widely from person to person but with Amanda not only the experience will be a triumph but it will make you choose her for the second, third, fourth time and so one. The focus is not only about having sex but having a holistic experience. Not many VIP escorts are the best at offering it. Beautiful brunette Amanda is every man’s dream and she will make you sure that you will experience the best she has to offer. Amanda is also a VIP call girl. There aren’t many VIP call girls that will set you on move. She is based in London and she can entertain you for outcall escort booking within Central London. All you have to do is contact us and we will send you the best of the finest VIP escorts you have ever met.


Let’s see what Amanda has to say about her VIP escorts experience


I was getting ready to follow my work program. It was my first year as a VIP escort at Confidential Models, a reputable agency that hired me. I was booked for an outcall, where my client wanted to see me at his mansion. He specifically required that I wear a short rubber mini dress, fishnet stockings and cotton undies. This is an interesting story and makes me laugh every time I remember it. VIP escorts have an interesting job. I knocked at his door and had quite a shock. He was dressed as a postman. Even so he was a gorgeous weird and strong man. He smiled at me gently saying that he is glad that I arrived on time.

He invited me in his living room where I had the chance to straighten my stockings bending over with my undies on show. My agency briefed me that he wanted a show on motion. I wanted to please this gorgeous man. When I turned around I could see how his eyes were concentrating on my pleasure centre. The game was about to begin. He looked like he had done a felony by reading a mail that he should have had delivered. He was sure that he had found a lady to perv over. He knew that he found the best among the VIP escorts in London to deliver his pleasure.

He slid his hands up my dress and pulled my cotton undies down and bent me over the arm of his leather sofa. He was a strong lad and I wanted to be moulded by this big and gorgeous postman. You can image what happened next. We had a good intimate experience and he gave me the most intense orgasm as I was on top, moving back and forth, up and down. I was glad that I didn’t judge him harsh. This big postman satisfied every inch of my body. VIP escorts have a lot of fun.”                           

I you are interested in booking Amanda now is the time. She will make all the tension go away!       

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