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Anna Interview

I have met Anna at a tiny café settled on a two-lined street. Anna can be picked out of a crowd not only by her outstanding appearance but by her dynamic presence. I have chosen Anna, as one of my “talking companions” for today, because she is the most sought after Mayfair escort London has to offer. Many of her clients see her as a diamond in the raw. Such a beautiful 23 year- old little lady is the object of jealousy for many women, common ladies, and escorts. Anna’s charisma melts right through and her beautiful smile can penetrate even the cloudiest days. In three words, she is amazing. She exudes a firm confidence which is complementary to her sweetness. Both females and males could easily fall in love with her.

Hello Anna, nice to have you around. Can you give me a brief description of who you are, both as a woman and a Mayfair escort London has to offer?      

Hello and thank you very much for your invitation. I am a 23-year old girl born in Milan. When I was 16, I moved to Rome with my mother. My parents have been divorced since I was 9 or something like that. I have been an escort for more than 2 years and it’s going as expected. I am unpredictable which transforms anyone’s encounter with me into something special. My colleagues, the Mayfair escorts London has to offer were so nice to me when I first started. Before working with my current agency, I worked as an independent escort Mayfair offered for almost a year. My colleagues truly taught me how to be a professional Mayfair escort London is offering. I love to travel and…let me count…I have been in more than 20 countries and that is because I am a big fan of nice beaches with white sand. I love opera and theatre more than anything on this world. I enjoy a lot of things and probably my free time is in inverse ratio with the number of things I love.

What do you like most about being a Mayfair escort London has to offer?  

I adore meeting so many people. Getting to know all their fantasies and desires is more arousing than anything else. Also, as a professionally trained escort London Mayfair is offering I feel amazing when men’s moods are better after our encounter ends.


What made you take in consideration a job as an escort?

The sensual idea of courting men seemed perfect for me. Plus I really enjoy the intimacy and sharing private moments with gentlemen. They have taught me a lot of things about man’s nature.

Can you tell me what is your favorite thing about being a Mayfair escort London has to offer?

The fact that I can express my feelings in a seductive way, the fact that I can be 100% woman and make my clients feel 100% men. Probably not any London escort Mayfair has to offer was blessed with such skills but I am proud to say that after a therapy session with me, clients are more calm, empathetic, and confident. It is something that puts a smile on my face.

What do you think, as a Mayfair escort London has to offer and as a woman about the girlfriend experience?

As an escort, I think that this is a great experience for wounded men, for those who have suffered a trauma and have a hard time dealing with regular relationships. And as a woman, sincerely, I would be afraid if, for example, I find that my man is seeking for a girlfriend experience “trapped” in an escort’s arms. It would mean that I am not enough caring and empathic. Believe me, the girlfriend experience is not a simple remedy but is the REMEDY for all men who have suffered or are suffering deep within.

Do you lead a private life in addition to your Mayfair escort London job?

I would not say so. I have established a lot of friendships with different clients from around the world. We share from time to time opinions about different things in our lives but nothing more. And I am proud to say that, even if, with some of them I don’t chat often, they still send me flowers and little presents. I think that somehow I have impressed them, which makes me feel good about my key role as a Mayfair escort London has to offer.

Have you ever fallen in love with any of your clients?      

At the beginning, yes. It was a big drama but I was only 21 years old. I don’t blame myself. Yet, from time to time I think about him and somewhere deep down I hope that he is thinking about me. We have seen each other three times and that was it. I am glad that on our fourth meeting he called to cancel our booking or else I would have begged him to take me with him.

What advice would you give to a new person entering the scene?

As a Mayfair escort London has to offer, I would advise her to share a positive mood with her clients. She will be extremely appreciated and desired.

Thank you very much, Anna for sharing some of you secrets as a Mayfair escort London has to offer. You are truly a pleasant presence.

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