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About Annais


Trained in the arts of love and professional sexual services, 22 year old Brazilian Annais is one of the best high-class courtesans in London. Her exotic features pair well with her classy demeanor which makes her the most favorite escort among the most exclusive London escorts. You won’t be able to take your eyes off her once you meet her in person. Extremely elegant, easy going, and sensual above and beyond, she makes a versatile partner for each and every occasion you want to attend to in London. Watch her photo gallery and you will see that you cannot put a price on her loving features, which means that, if she is an expensive escort she is not financially. She has reached the highest standards of professionalism. Whenever she has to meet with a customer, she takes upon herself to do everything in her power to make sure that her client is 100% satisfied.

Standing at 5 ft 8, gorgeous and busty, the Brazilian brunette is blessed with a curvy yet toned body. She maintains her position as a VIP girl among the most exclusive London escorts through her outstanding physique, healthy living, and a creative mind. Unlike many exclusive escorts London has to offer she gives a proper and individual treatment based on her clients’ needs. She is always dynamic and full of energy embracing all the new experiences to her full potential. There are not many exclusive escorts interested in creating a unique experience for their clients, yet Annais is not one of them. She is truly stunning and a perfect reason for you to visit London.

Her appearance mixed with her poise makes her wanted among the exclusive London escorts. If you are looking for a discrete and elegant escort, look no further. Renowned among the London exclusive escorts, Annais is a sensual and accommodating companion who enjoys keeping her body fit, as well as her mind. She has traveled the world to be in London and affirm herself as one of the most exclusive escort London has to offer. Annais has some amazing moves when it comes to spending time with a gentleman. There is no need to be shy when you will be accompanied by her, the most desired among the most exclusive London escorts.

Annais is the perfect person you want by your side when attending to a cocktail party or any other high-life social events. She is the perfect definition of a high class courtesan, offering her love willingly. Clients with discerning tastes will be thrilled to book Annais. Open minded to fantasies and role plays she will adapt herself to her clients’ needs. Annais fits in any social environment so if the gentleman who books this exclusive escort London has to offer will bring joy and impress wherever he wants her. While some of the most exclusive London escorts are interested in showing off their assets, Annais is a discrete young lady who will cater to your needs and only. She is a passionate, voluptuous lady that will create a unique experience for you to think of when you head back home. Easy to love and difficult to forget, rest assure that you are spending your time with the perfect companion. Let yourself enticed into new and passionate experiences that will last longer than any other erotic experiences you have experienced. This is what you should expect of for booking  Annais, the most sought – after among the exclusive London escorts.

Let’s hear one of her stories as a VIP and exclusive London escorts

He didn’t know that I was going to be trouble. He opened the door with a smil upon his face. He  handed me a glass of champagne. He tried to kiss me but I didn’t let him and I started to tease him. Soon he was about to go crazy. I freed the champagne glass from my fingers’ grasp in order to pleasure myslef. My mind was set to arouse him above and beyond. Messing with me, the most desired escort among the exclusive London escorts brings trouble. So I started to undo my dress. I let my undies slip before his eyes. I gently asked him if I was his favorite exclusive girl but he gave me no asnwer. Yet, this was a good sign that he is mind blown. I knew that if he have ever had any encounters with exclusive London escorts, would have meant nothing compared to ours. 

My pink lace bra was smoothed down by my fingers. The sight of my breastsaroused him more. He was mouth agape. It is amazing what a beautiful and experienced woman can do. I asked him, ”have you ever thought that it was possible to reach orgasmic peaks without even being touched by a VIP girl like me ?”. Have your previous encounters with exclusive London escorts made you feel like this? He didn’t answer but he grabbed me. He moved down my body and started kissing every bit of skin it crossed. We couldn’t wait no longer for this erotic game to start.


Meet Annais in person and see what she is capable of. She is for a reason the most sought-after escort among the exclusive London escorts.


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