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About Celine


What can be more delightful and exhilarating than the company of beautiful green-eyed model Celine? This beautiful VIP escort in London has the exotic looks and the sensuality of a catwalk model, no she is a London escort VIP labeled by all the gentleman who have arranged a visit with her. And if you like sensual and refined ladies you will enjoy Celine’s company. Beautiful Celine is more than an intriguing appearance, she has charm in spades and possesses the most excellent hosting skills you have ever seen at a VIP escort in London.

From the moment you meet her until the end of your encounter, Celine will convince you that her full time job as an escort is actually her way of living. You can’t say the same about other London VIP escorts. Sweet and inviting, the beautiful green-eyed babe has a vibrant personality that will make you include her in your following visits in London. For high-class events, you can’t go wrong with choosing her. She will not act as a London escort VIP labeled but as your lady companion who will make you feel amazing next to her arm. She adapts to any environment she is asked to and is gorgeously presented. Just take a peek into her pictures and you will understand what we are talking about. With a body like hers wrapped in a chic dress, Celine will put all the lights on both you and her. Not only her looks is spectacular but her confidence pairs with her extremely fit body. Confidence comes in pair with intelligence, this is her motto she has been following since the first day she was hired at Confidential Models. You deserve to be in the company of an astonishing London escort VIP labeled by all gentlemen who have visited her.

Being in her company it will make you question why gentlemen have preferences for blonde girls or blonde VIP escorts in London. Remember, whether you want to attend to world famous exhibition or a Michelin dinner in London, Celine will make a sensational companion. Beautiful Celine loves to be stimulated and mentally challenged and on so many levels, that you will be impressed after a date with her. Have you ever met a London escort VIP labeled who has a taste in literature, arts, and paintings? If not, Celine is the one to start your journey with in London. Her passion for life is contagious and there will be no shortage of things to do while you are accompanied by her. Her acts of flirtation are so powerful that will become your prelude for erotic moments. Sweet, sensual words provide the perfect way for Celine to create erotic moments. Her incredible allure and power of sensuality are her best assets. No wonder she is a London escort VIP labeled by all her clients. Now that you know that, take a peek into her pictures and imagine how your meeting will be. Unlike many escorts London VIP labeled she knows how to set a man on fire and please him longer.

In her own words, Celine is a cheerful yet sensual little lady who enjoys the company of mature men and ladies, as well. An unrushed encounter and a glass of champagne are the perfect elements for a dream date. Even though she is a fancy lady, she is not perky. You will simply adore her and confirm that she deserves the status of a London escort VIP labeled by her previous clients.

Celine our  London Escort VIP labeled shares a story with us

The pressure gets even bigger when important clients book me as their professional VIP escort. The morning I received a call from my agency and told me which was my companion for the night was a little bit foggy.They told me that he is an important business man from New York. I thought to myself that he might be familiar with the escort industry. Rich and powerful man have always shown me that they are VIP escort eaters. We are something they have for dessert. Even though I was a London escort VIP labled by my previous clients I was nervous.

Somehow, the thought of meeting him made me more confident. As I was admiring myself in front of the mirror I couldn’t help but think of how it would be. But beneath my thoughts there was a specific image of him pleasing me. I have previously seen him in different economic magazines and let me tell you that he was a Greek god; always but always, no matter  which magazine he would have coverd, he would have worn his expensive Louis Moinet wristwatch. He had expensive tastes, that is why he chose my company, a company of a London escort VIP labeled by other gentlemen.

While I was dressing, my thoughts were rolling like crazy in mind and images of him touching me, his   hands wrapped around my waist, his chest pressuring mine, his lips wandering for mine. Hmm… delicious. Something was telling me that he would behave as a true gentlemn. And a professional London escort VIP labled by her clients is always right.

As I was fantasising about him something begun to be even more clear. Not my job as a VIP escort has been preparing me for moments like these but my vulnerability for men. My job was helping me to understand that men should be cherished.

If you want to enjoy the presence of a London escort VIP labeled by all her clients start with Celine. Book her now and you will not be disappointed.


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