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About Clarissa


Clarrisa is, no doubt the woman with a dream, this is how she is known among her clients and among the VIP girls in London. Even if she is only 22, her erotic experience is vast. Clarrisa confessed that being closed to her job is not a necessity but a choice being extremely creative and liberal in her views. She is petite enough which makes her play submissive convincingly letting most of her clients initiate the first touch. Clarrisa is a daydreamer yet she is not negligent when it comes to take care of both her school and job. She is in her last year of university where she goes swinging her bag filled with novels and her laptop. She doesn’t look and behave like ordinary VIP girls, being more of an introspective little lady. She was taught to question everything fact that led her to become an independent vipescort.

Little Clarrisa transforms fantasies into a nightly and a deep reality filled with sexual innuendos. The experiences shared with her are girlfriend experience relatable. Our VIP escort shares some of the most intense erotic story she experienced with her third client.

Clarrisa, the best among the VIP girls is telling her story

She remembers when her phone pinged, being contacted by the agency. It seemed an urgent call that required an urgent visit. When I hung up I was a little bit shaking with excitement since I was booked three times on a row by the same client. I was glad that he chose me again, among all the VIP escorts exhibiting the websites. He was a British business man in his 40s. My fantasies with him grew after our last meeting so I felt like I was charged enough to make him me desire even more. The first experience with him was mind blowing but since he was my first as an escort, I didn’t think that we would meet again. All the escorts VIP labelled would have gone crazy after him; strong, blue-eyed, always measuring and analyzing things.

So, there we were, back together like if we have never been apart. He said hello and touched my face gently. His house looked like a palace VIP escorts all over the world would have been curious to see and party in with him. He kissed and gently told me with his British accent (I am a Brazilian gal fascinated by the British culture) that all VIP girls don’t compare with me. He undressed me and his skin felt good against mine, comfortable and natural. I made him moan as our kiss deepened. He grabbed my bottom and moved me down. It looked like we didn’t have time for bed time stories. He was so glad I was there, repeatedly telling me that all VIP call girls in the world cannot compete with me.

His body was ready for me as I was moving my hands all over his body. I ran my tongue along his soft skin letting my warm breath tickling his aroused body. He brought me closer which made more firmly in my moves. He whispered that all the VIP girls in the world can’t replace me. It was an amazing night.

I am also a VIP escort specialized in aroma therapy massages and personalized services. I give the proper treatments according to my clients’ needs. A few weeks ago, one of my regular clients dropped for some relaxation time. I was pleased to see him, so was he, but something didn’t feel right. He told me that things were not working, so I knew that intercourse is not his priority now. What he needed was the healing power of my touch. Becoming a VIP girl is also about catering to my clients’ needs. Those who are not interested in providing such an experience are not VIP girls.

“As a model escort who is working a lot with her body and soul I invited my client to lay on my table while I was giving a proper massage. A VIP escort has to be always prepared especially if the client is a regular one. As he was lying face down I gathered my supplies, the relaxation music and the massage oil were both at ready. While applying the warm oil to his left leg, I started stroking where I knew and felt it was needed. I did the same for the right leg. He said he knew why I was his favourite among the VIP girls.

I proceeded to go upwards on his back. Touching his back muscles I could feel how tiredness was abandoning its nest. That is when I started to increase the pressure against his back muscles and use more of my body weight to penetrate his muscle mass. It was arousing for me yet I did not want to ruin his therapy session and touch him somewhere else and spoil the moment.

More and more his body was experiencing a state of peace and relaxation, a state which, I guess, he would not experience if he would have visited regular VIP girls. Things were progressing nicely. He was pleased with the first part of my service that I was giving. Now I felt that he was ready for the second part of my services. He was smiling at me letting me know how good he felt. Damn, I knew also why I was his favourite among the VIP girls in London. The full body to body slide was about to begin. We were heading rapidly towards the Erotic Land where all professional VIP girls take their clients.”

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