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About Crystal


Italian and brunette escort Crystal is so adorable that there’s no wonder every customer is asking for a night with her. Lovely and capable of offering the memorable moments men need, Crystal has earned his place among the professional VIP girls that work for us. Take a peek at  her photo gallery to see what we are talking about. Extremely well proportioned, slim, and beautiful, VIP escort Crystal is a blend of wit and confidence which are hard to find for a 21 year old young lady. With the body of a catwalk model and her vivacious personality, vipescort Crystal is the perfect companion for you.

If you are interested in booking someone smart, glamorous, and open-minded, Crystal ticks every box -. She is highly educated, and speaks fluent English, even though she was born in Italy. Hearing her talking is like hearing a born British talking. However, there is more about Crystal than her looks and wit – that is why she is envied by all the VIP girls in London. Bearing such features, Crystal, unlike many palace VIP escorts adores pleasing and offering more than she receives; and we know for sure that this is a big plus for clients who are working in a high pressure environment. Crystal lives for the motto that memorable encounters are those that are not built on a rush. For someone versatile like she is,  Crystal can be the perfect companion for VIP events, duos, or even the classy dinners where you could talk about just everything.. Unlike many VIP girls, Crystal is capable of challenging her partner so that he would feel like there is no other VIP escort in London than can be compared to her.

When you will set your eyes on her, So yes, if you want to enjoy the outstanding presence of a sweet and elegant lady, you will think about Crystal as your first and only choice. Unlike other VIP call girls or many other escorts VIP labeled, she has the whole package of looks+brain. There are not many VIP girls with features like hers. Crystal loves the variety of the people she meets and her lifestyle suits her wild and adventurous nature. If you are interested in booking Crystal for a girlfriend experience, rest assured that it will take it to a whole new level. She will transport you to a rich world in sensual experiences that will leave you refreshed and ready to tackle the days ahead. You will admire her passion for pleasing her partner, intelligence and skills with which she manages to cast her spells on her companion. There are not many VIP girls who can catch up with their partner’s needs.

Ask Crystal and she will tell you that she is a romantic at heart and a city girl who is open to experience new realms of pleasure. She cherishes the moments when she and her partner are left alone to so that their feelings can take them to wonderful erotic realms. She is a sensual girl with no inhibitions in exploring her partner’s fantasies. She loves to enjoy every bit of her encounters and not rush while her partner is 100% satisfied with her. She prides herself on being on top of the VIP girls in London list.

Crystal has a story, like any other women, that she wants to share. She is an introspective lady and amazing companion to talk to.

Crystal, one of our top VIP girls shares a story with us

It may be a little bit confussing at first, of course. Yet a woman is still a woman no matter what she is doing for a living. Allow me to say that it has nothing to do with what she is doing but with their inner values that she decides to follow throughout her life as golden rules.  Because there are VIP girls who have let themselves be molded by their clients, they forgot how to be themselves. Respecting the exigencies of what VIP escort etiquette means can be harsh and cruel for the unprepared. But after a while, everything begins to have a meaning. Having sex is great and many men appreciate an escort for her ways of delivering erotic services. But knowing how to create an emotional connection based on each client’s needs, this is the real girdle that keeps everything connected.

Yet, in order to keep this girdle intact, VIP girls, common escorts, elite and so one, should be aware of themselves, their sexuality and blossoming beauty Being a VIP escort I know that the only way I managed to stay on top is by pleasing both myself and my customer.My experiences made me look beyond needs and this is why I please them and they please me. I take care of them and they take care of me. A professional VIP girl rides the edge of another kind of orgasm, if empathy, respect and awareness are the first golden laws that she will be complying with. Professional VIP girls know that.  

Yes, VIP girls should live as women because this is the only natural way to deliver pleasure to themselves and clients too. It’s not a job easy to do if all they are thinking of is money. This job comes with many other advantages asides from money; the awareness of their body, intelligence, their healing power of touching, their comforting presence.

Our VIP girl Crystal is able to accept outcall bookings worldwide. Don’t think twice and book her, you will be mind blown.


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