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About Evelyn


East European Evelyn has the charm and the naughtiness you are looking for in a well experienced London escort VIP labeled by foreign travelers. Her flawless face, her delicate complexion, and her exotic eyes make her the most wanted among the escorts London VIP labeled by travelers. No doubt that she will make your temperature rise in no time. As an East European VIP escort in London, Evelyn has set on fire many men with her sensual moves, curves, and natural grace. She can easily represent each and every VIP escort in London. Here are some good reasons why you should take Evelyn into consideration as one of the best companion while you are in London.

First of all, she is the sporty girl. We know that a man appreciates a lady who is taking care of her body. She is the kind of girl who can keep up with you and even beat you at tennis. The sporty lady, the most desired among escorts London VIP labeled by foreign travelers, doesn’t only look good but she has also an attractive high self esteem. She is an awesome activity partner who will whip you into shape. Sex will be unbelievable, that is for sure. Unlike many London VIP escorts, Evelyn is a real babe who knows how important is to take care of her in order to prolong your physical activity.

Second, you will adore Evelyn because she is the career girl. You will see her walking in a woman’s suit, which is sexy and powerful. She will not visit you dressed in minis. Professional escorts London VIP labeled by travelers take good care of their appearance and how they present themselves. She will visit you all dressed up in business clothes which will turn you on faster. Evelyn has a good head on her shoulders and she knows what she is doing with her life. We are sure that now, in the back of your mind, you are portraying the moment when you will un-bun her hair and strip away her clothes. We don’t judge you. Evelyn was born to fire up men’s imagination. That is how professional escorts London VIP labeled by travelers work.

Third, you will love her wild side. Evelyn is always up for about anything. This means that she is an open minded gal that she will be willing to accomplish your fantasies whatever they may be. So don’t decline such an offer. She is also the kind of girl who appreciates weirdness, the unconventionalism, and the unconventionalist. Again, don’t decline such an offer. You will get to experience the most memorable moments.

Forth, power and authority are her middle names. If you want to do something bad she will bind your wrists behind your back and give you a frisking. That is how professional escorts London VIP labeled by travelers work. Yet she will let you break any law you want as long as it involves both of you. She would do anything to turn the fantasy around and cuff you and use the baton to teach you a valuable lesson. Ask her and anything will come to life as you have been dreaming for quite some time. You have been a bad man…let her know that. That is how professional escorts London VIP labeled by travelers work.

Evelyn one of our Escorts London VIP Labeled shares one of her favorite encounters

Because I always like to spice up things a little bit, I figured that this time I should make it big for one of my premium clients. The idea occurred me after I experienced a wild night with Danyella, one of the best high class escort in London. We thought, why shouldn’t we offer a double package to a premium client of mine? It would definitely have had to be premium since he was and is a true gentleman who deserves to be spoiled. Danyella has an amazing body that can tempt even a blind man. She was the one who trapped me into loving the erotic moments spent with a woman. We wanted to show him what it feels to share memorable moments with two  escorts London VIP labeled.

My customer always asked me if I was interested in offering double services but since there were not to many professional  London VIP escorts who could have matched my style and standards I refused him. But this time, I was ready to please him more than ever. He was my premium client after all. So we met him for an overnight booking. When we have arrived, he escorted us to his room. 

He was an amazing man made to be pleased. We were two escorts London VIP labeled ready to please him. We started to play with each other and make him horny. Danyella was moving her hand all over my body and I was kissing her breasts. We watched him make his way between us. He was so horny that he barely unzipped his pants. You know a real man by how he makes you feel in bed. He was a ferocious beast ready to be pleased by both of us. Yet he was preoccupied too to make us feel amaizng too.  We were two escorts London VIP labeled ready to please him at our full capacity. We were so wet.”

If you want to be spoiled by Evelyn, the best among the escorts London VIP labeled don’t be shy. She is waiting for you.



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