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Whatever type of girl you are looking for while you are in London, an athletic brunette, a voluptuous red haired woman, or a classy blonde, stop looking. Because most probably that you will meet your one today and on top of all she is also the most exclusive escort London has to offer. Carina is a beautiful red hair with brown eyes who is a twenty-two year old East European undergraduate student moonlighting as an escort. By day, she is indistinguishable from her peers yet by night she is someone else. Carina has been interested in this kind of sex work for many years. As a teenager she was fascinated by sex but not in a carnal way. She was curious about what lies behind it, what psychological and social mechanisms drive it; what is that trigger that brings two or more people in bed? She wasn’t interested until recent in sensation at all, but more in its sociological aspect. As one of the most exclusive escort London has to offer you would have thought that sex is her number one activity and it was but perceived from another perspective. Now she is the most sought after exclusive escort London has to offer and she is willing to share her first memories regarding her experience that led her to the present moment where she is indistinguishable on top of London exclusive escorts list. Let’s enjoy her story before being on the “most exclusive escorts London has to offer” list.

Carina, one of the most exclusive escort London has to offer is sharing her story

My first client was named Leonel. Let me tell you that he knows how to keep a woman moist, even the most sophisticated models. When my agency called to tell me that I was booked, they also told me that he is a premium client yet not that cheerful as I would have hoped. My agency also told me that it was an outcall made with few days in advance so that I would be available for him. I was thinking to myself first, all top London escorts must have had at least one cranky client, which gave me a small impulse that in the end our meeting will not be that tensed; second, why would he book me? Back then I was not an exclusive escort London has to offer.  

Anyway, I went to his place and he was waiting me in front of his big, beautiful house. My God, I was asking myself if he have had booked many exclusive escorts before me or any exclusive escort London has to offer. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect of. Even though cranky at the first sight, he looked mysterious with an intellectually stimulating face which made me think about him as a wonderful partner and not as a date doomed to be finished before it starts. He said with a deep – throated and cranky voice ”Hello” and turned the key in the lock. I must confess that my eyes were gazing towards his jeans which gave me the feeling that the protuberance inside wasn’t a joke.  I was still thinking “why me?” since I was a newbie and not an exclusive escort London has to offer. We entered the living room and all I could think about was how to grip his firm ass from the second I saw it. Even though it wasn’t the most courteous gay, it didn’t matter. Yet I had to come up with a quick move so that he would not see how nervous I was. He poured a glass of wine only for himself. I did not know what to think. No signs of an erotic appeal, no nothing. Yet there was something kinky in his rudeness. I was thinking if he has had previously adopted this behavior with his other exclusive London escorts; if it was a sort of technique to present himself as irresistible. Yet it was not a treatment worthy of any exclusive escort London has to offer.

Weird, in the back of my head, all I knew was that I had to feel the strength and power hiding inside his jeans. I may have not been an exclusive escort London has to offer but I was a fine, young escort who knew why she was there. Almost instinctively my hand reached his. I felt like an experienced exclusive escort London has to offer. He had to know that I was not scared and even though a beginner I had a vast background about sex nurtured by an incessant curiosity. He was indeed attractive yet theatrical in his moves. I did not know if there was a script running through his head, if has the exclusive escort and I was the client. Men are intriguing and sometimes more intriguing than we are. I gently asked him to pour me some wine and so he did. It‘s like the moment I touched him his mind script had a breach. An exclusive escort London has to offer or not, sometimes you have to be more firm than your client.

After the first sip of wine, a breathy moan escaped my lips as I dropped a little in my chair. I managed to keep the sensual tension ongoing until he could not resist any more. I knew that I had to spoil him first so that he will spoil me in return. Being an exclusive escort London has to offer means that you have to be firm and confident while sensual and kind at the same time. Men love confidence even they may appear to be cranky at first.

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