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About Kendra


Belgium is one of those countries that are renowned for their waffles and beer. Hardly may you think of the gorgeous Belgian women because they are not widely known. However if you see Kendra, the classy glamorous Belgian escort which is on top London escorts list you will bless Belgium. Kendra, a busty woman with black hair has been an escort in London for 2 years now. In a short period of time, Kendra managed to win the most competitive “fights” for the most “exclusive escort London has to offer” title. She is degree educated and runs a modeling business also.

If you are interested in receiving a premium attention and premier entertainment from a beautiful escort who is skilled in her companionship, look no further. Look no further than Kendra, the exclusive escort London has to offer. Busty, toned, and amid the most exclusive London escorts, she is the perfect match for you. Feast your eyes with Kendra’s photo gallery and in a glimpse you will realize that she deserves her place on top London escorts list. There are not other exclusive escorts London has to offer that will make you feel the way she makes you. Kendra has the beautiful looks and intelligence that will captivate every inch of you throughout the evening. Just like the excellent taste of a smooth Belgium chocolate, Kendra’s appearance is breath taking. She perfectly fits any social setting which means that you are guaranteed a perfect companionship throughout the night.

If you are into experiencing adventurous moments, Kendra can be booked for duos and VIP parties. Even if her beauty is angelic, Kendra has a wild side, also which made her a perfect fit in the top London escorts list. Clients with discerning tastes will be happy to have Kendra aside. So, whether she is booked for a corporate party or for a less corporate environment, Kendra will be loved for her spontaneous and free spirited nature. Beautiful Kendra is well presented with impressing manners.

Unlike many other exclusive escorts London has to offer she is open- minded when it comes to breathing life into your fantasies. She is also a highly creative woman, which means that she will not step aside when it comes to offering an individualized treatment. That is another asset due to which she is on top London escorts list. From the gentle girlfriend experience to an arousing role play, Kendra adores experiencing new things with her clients.

Her tall, toned, and gorgeous beautiful body resembles to one of a Goddess. Her body perfectly matches her good personality and that can be easily seen by taking a peak into her gallery. Whether you are staying in London for a couple of days or even for a couple of hours, let yourself enticed into discovering a sensational mix of sensuality and wit. If you want to savor the presence of a lady who happens to be on top London escorts list, Kendra is what you need. She has an amazing personality that will surely match the high level of your fantasies’ expectations. The breath-taking brunette has style and sensuality which have been both developed due to her modeling profession, also. If you are against the on rush experiences, Kendra supports you decision. She is a magnetic model that has a lot of style and glamour. Words are not enough to describe Kendra’s sex appeal.

Young and beautiful Kendra speaks about her first experience, before she was on top London escorts list

Way before my job as an escort I read about the enjoyment of another’s gal company. I have always wanted to see how a woman feels in bed compared to a man. Do you know what is crazy? Whenever I want to experience something new, somehow the universe works to please me and not against me. So my first clients – unlike many escorts which are booked at the beginning by one client – were a beautiful couple, a young dark haired man and a blonde beautiful lady. The lady told me that I have the potential for filling the number one place on top London escorts list.

We had an incredible time talking and giggling, laughing and sharing all kind of stories while the wine was flowing. We were drinking a couple of glasses near their hotel. The dark-haired man told me that I was a gift for her. That is what he told me. She was curious to know how an experienced woman feels in bed. What a coincidence, I was curious, too. She was eager to see if a catwalk model provides a better than a regular women. Remember, that happened before making my way on top London escorts list.  

I took her by her hand saying that we should go in her room. She laughed and said “yes, of course”. Her partner was left behind while we ran towards the elevator where she pulled down my blouse so she could teach my breasts. We were both so aroused that we have barely seen that the elevator has reached the floor. We have made love like two professional top London escorts. We both came and laughed while enjoying our performance as two authentic top London escorts. Actually I was shocked to find later that she was an escort, too.

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