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About Nicole


Brazil is the country of so many of the world’s top models that it is impossible to count all of them. Yet there are some who stand out. Blonde Nicole is one of them and she is doing her job perfectly, that all the exclusive escorts in the world cannot compete with her. Nicole is a 25 year old Brazilian with a major in modern literature. Nicole used to work as a model but now she is fully devoted to being an exclusive escort London has to offer.  She has been working as an exclusive escort London has to offer for more than a year here, in London. Nicole loves the effervescence of London thinking that it is the best place to meet new people and enjoy new experiences.

Nicole is known for her beautiful features and sultry, good looks. In top physical shape, Nicole will not be afraid to show off her body. This beauty will not step aside from making you the most satisfied man on earth. This is how professional exclusive escorts train themselves to be. For Nicole, sex is not just a transactional bargaining tool or a mean to express her freedom of choice. She wants to express passion for her clients, working to give you a transcendental experience. That is why she made her way up in the top London escorts list.

Nicole fully understands that pleasing a man is the fountain from which a deep rooted connection sprouts. Unlike many London exclusive escorts she knows how important is to create a deep connection with her clients so they would feel like they have been into the greatest vacation ever. Only professional trained exclusive escorts are able to offer the premium treatment. Nicole also knows that the company and security of a high value man is not a joke. That is why she is working at her full potential to make him feel both pleased and safe around her.

Nicole is not an expensive escort judging by the quality of her services. From a pampering girlfriend experience to dinner, due experiences, and parties, Nicole can make you forget the time in her company. She should be a role model for all the exclusive escorts London has to offer. If you are interested in sharing some of the most memorable experiences with some of the finest exclusive escorts, Nicole is the best choice.

Our little angel is a playful and elegant girl who takes care of her body so she can please you longer. Selected as one of the most effervescent escort among the exclusive London escorts, Nicole has a zest for life that many exclusive escorts London has to offer lack. Her style is feminine and timeless perfect for any occasion. If you want to see her in lingerie, prepare yourself to be blown away, she has the body and charm to dazzle you. If you are planning to have the moments of your life, to be shaken like no one has ever shaken you, Nicole is the best among all the exclusive escorts in London.

Let’s hear one of Nicole’s exclusive escort stories

His specific requires involved two exclusive escorts who are not familiar with what boundaries means. I knew this guy from a previous encounter and I knew he is a premium client, also. Let me make myself clear. He had once booked a friend of mine and he asked me to come too and be a voyeur. That’s it. So, I hadn’t had the chance to show off my goodies. We meet at a fancy restaurant in the center of London, all three: him, me and another exclusive escort. Let me tell you that he was a powerful man spreading a huge amount of sexual energy all over the place. We had a pleasant talk but my mind was elsewhere. He headed us the keys of his room where we had to wait for him. It seemed like he had us both hypnotized. We weren’t anymore two exclusive escorts but two teenagers ready to explore the novelty of sex.   

Upstairs we have made our plan to dry up him. His confidence, sexuality, manhood were all so arousing for us. Not long after he entered the room we started to kiss each other. While we were kissing, our bodies were synchronically playing for the same men. We got undressed while we kept kissing, and touching each other.  We had to show him what exclusive escorts are capable of.

She responded by kissing my breasts and molding my flesh. We looked at him while we were changing positions. He began to be more and more convinced that he had hired the best escorts. With a firm gesture he made his room between us. You can imagine what happened next. Believe me that we went to places where we have never been before all three of us. We were screaming like crazy beginning that this frenetic experience shared with him would never end. It was almost mystically. And yes, from time to time when he comes to London he books both of us. The experiences are getting crazier and crazier. Amazing!

If you want to experience the best erotic moments in your life, only professional exclusive escorts can help you with that; and a professional exclusive escort is Nicole, the devil impersonated. Don’t be shy and book her!



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