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About Taylor


The breath taking Latin VIP escort Taylor is the most seductive and inspiring model you can wish for. Her beautiful and toned VIP escort body and her beautiful hazel and sparkling eyes are the perfect assets which nurture even the most innocent desires. If you are interested in enjoying the presence of a dynamic and easy going lady, Taylor is the perfect girl that will meet all you expectations. Unfortunately, scientists have not invented a device able to immortalize the energy within because Taylor’s pictures are not enough to prove how mind blowing she is. Perky and youthful, Latin Taylor is well known among the clients who are interested in booking only VIP girls. Taylor is a 22 year old Brazilian girl with a major in modern literature. She used to work as a model as well but now she is fully devoted to being the most desired among the VIP escorts. She has been working for almost a year and she is a VIP escort which is mind blowing.

This voluptuous beauty is very generous with her clients so they should not worry about anything else but how to meet her sooner. From a pampering girlfriend experience to an elegant dinner, parties and duo experiences, the breath taking Taylor can make you forget that time exists. As beautiful as she is, as enticing and adventurous you will find her. Taylor is fluent in English and this is because she fully embraces everything that is new to her.  Her clients have confessed that she has perfected the art of fun experience and communication.

Unlike other escorts VIP labeled, our VIP escort Taylor caters to her clients needs being devoted to offer pleasure. Taylor is a playful and elegant doll who takes care of her beautiful body to pleasure you longer. She enjoys staying healthy and open minded to any new kinds of experiences. Her feminine style and grace embody perfection to such a level that you will want a second, third, fourth date with her. Tall, slender and with an alluring charm she makes the other VIP call girls jealous.

Like many of our VIP escorts, our VIP escort Taylor is attractive from head to toe yet she posses a unique quality that mature men are secretly interested in finding in a woman; she is kinky. Taylor thinks that fantasies are normal and allow her to explore her sexuality better than anything else. Sexual fantasies renew excitement making the encounter more memorable than ever. Mix that with an outgoing personality and you will have the time of your life. She will sure impress you with her adaptable intelligence and nature. Taylor understands what clients want which makes her a sought-after vipescort. Taylor sees herself as a passionate and adventurous girl, positive and happy girl around her clients. She bears all the qualities a VIP escort is compelled to possess.

Taylor has traveled around the world and now she dedicates her time to being a professional VIP model. Blessed with an angelic figure, her shaped and toned body, Taylor will help you bring to life all the fantasies you have been thinking of. Whether you want to take her out on a dinner or enjoy the girlfriend experience, Taylor is the perfect fit you may think of.

Let’s hear one of Taylor’s stories as a VIP escort

Being a VIP escort is about knowing every inch of your body. A woman, even if she is an escort or she is a regular woman she has to be respectful to her body, to herself. It took a while to cope with that but what helped me a lot was that I was hired by a reputable escort agency. Here, all the models have a track record for professionalism, passion, and incolvement which was a big motivation for me. The time a woman spends in her company is extremely valuable for herself, for her mind and her body. I love spending time all by myself. It is healing and it gives me energy, making me charge my batteries for the next day. So, after a long time at work, in the comfort of my own home, the real practice begun.  

In my own home nothing could have disturbed me from touching my naked body. In my own home, nothing could have disturbed me from carresing my big breats. This is because when I was a little girl I always felt shy. By the time I was 14 years old, my breasts were twice of the size of my 21 year old sister. I felt embarrassed and an outcast. Imagine that I was constantly trying to hide the signs of a blossoming woman. I had no idea what life would bring me. And look at me know, the most desired among the VIP escorts in London. Who would hve though that I would become a VIP escort? Now that all those times have passed I focus on the real woman I am now. But here I am today, a reputable VIP escort who has signed the peace treaty with her body, promising that I will valorise it as a woman and classy escort.

If you are interested in spending some of the most mind blowing moments with Taylor, the most sought-after and reputable VIP escort now it it your chance. Give us a call and rest assure that you will meet her soon.



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