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When you book the best escorts Mayfair has to offer, absolutely anything can happen. Dreams can come true, fantasies can be fulfilled and the world, at least that small part of it that contains you, can become a better place. But what is an absolute certainty is that the objective of the booking will be completed. If you need a high class date for your company party, our agency has just what you need. If you would like someone to guide you through the city, many of our models know it like the back of their hand. We could offer many more examples, but all you have to do is give us a call, let us know what you need and we’ll tell you which one of our models would be the best.

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And speaking of the best, Alice and Carina are among the most beautiful escorts Mayfair has ever offered. Fun and exciting, they contrast each other superbly, a fact that makes them ideal for a double booking. Alice is dark and mysterious, while Carina is fiery red and passionate. Recently, they have shared a booking at the home of one of our loyal clients. Below, Alice will tell us how much fun they had.


An evening with the best escorts Mayfair offers


Carina and I have always felt really comfortable in each other’s company. Even though I love all the girls at the agency and I’d love it if I could share a booking with each and every one of them, with Carina I have the most amount of chemistry. Needless to say, we have an insane amount of fun whenever we are booked together. And such a booking happened just a couple of weeks ago.

A regular client, one that both of us had seen before, called and asked for the best escorts Mayfair has to offer. He named the both of us and, when asked which one he wanted to book, he simply said “both”. Carina was notified first and she called me to tell me how excited she was that we could share another booking. I took the booking, not only at her behest, but because I really liked the sound of spending the entire night with her and that client.

Even though we told him that it wasn’t needed, our client insisted on sending a limo to pick us up and drive us to his place. When we got there, he was waiting for us with the champagne on ice. Even though he didn’t even get out of the house, he was still elegantly attired. I told him that we really appreciated it and that just a few days earlier, Carina and I were talking about how much we love it when clients make an effort.

For the next couple of hours, we did nothing but talk, drink champagne and listen to good music. We were having a wonderful time in each other’s company and the full night ahead of us. As it often happens, the conversation strayed towards more intimate topics and our client told us that one of his biggest fantasies was to be with two beautiful women at the same time and to be allowed to do almost anything and put it anywhere. As fate would have it, his fantasy came true later that night. It was around 10 PM when Carina and I got a little frisky and started to kiss and strip each other. Our client told us that we are the most beautiful escorts Mayfair has to offer and joined us. Once we got fully naked, the both of us went down on our knees and started pleasing him with our mouths. I really loved French kissing Carina and his manhood at the same time. He had a mountain of energy as we did it in every way possible throughout the night. Before we went to sleep, he told us it was amazing how he could have his fantasies fulfilled with two of the best escorts Mayfair has to offer, without even having to leave his house. It was a really passionate night, just like it always is when Carina and I share a booking.


Thank you for your wonderful story, Alice. You and Carina really are the most beautiful escorts Mayfair has to offer.

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