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As we have mentioned in previous posts, and on our home page, we aim to be the best London escort agency. According to many of our loyal clients, we are already well on our way of getting there. We offer top class services and we work with some of the most beautiful ladies in the business. Today we’ve had a small gathering at the office and we’ve asked some of our models about what clients should look for in agencies. Below, you will find some of their answers.

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High class escorts talk about the best London escort agency


Akira: I think that, at least right now, there’s no way of figuring out what is the best London escort agency. How would you even begin to make a table? In all honesty, I think that all escort agencies should strive for top quality. They should bring escorts and clients together and facilitate the best encounters. I don’t really know what else to say. If you are looking for a really great agency and you’re reading this, you’ve already found it.


Evelyn: In my opinion, the best London escort agency should work with the best models. I mean, is there anything else that could be more important? I think that as long as the agency makes sure that the escorts they work with are offering the best services and are treating their clients right, it can be among the best.

Alice: You guys know me. I’ve always been about fairness and I think this is the quality that any client should look for in the best London escort agency. A really good agency should treat its clients, but also the escorts it works with, fairly. I’ve often heard about agencies that try to cheat their clients or to take away a really high percentage of the escorts’ earnings and I am so happy that I found a place where this does not happen. I’d also like to say that the way an escort is treated will be a huge factor in how she does her job. I think that in this line of work, it’s extremely important for the escort to feel comfortable and appreciated. I won’t say “happy”, because happiness can be so vague sometimes, but comfort and appreciation are always needed, at least for me. If something makes me uncomfortable, be it caused by the client or the agency, you can be sure that my head won’t be in the game.

Clarissa: I think there are many things that clients should demand from the best London escort agency. First of all, it should be a place where they can find the best escorts, right? Well, that’s not actually true. We’ve all been through certain experiences where it didn’t matter how good you were as an escort because there was no chemistry. And so, I think that a really good agency, or in fact the best, should be a really good match maker. Just like you do for us, they should pair clients with the best escorts FOR THEM. If I were a client, I’d like to get as much help as possible, with finding the right girl, a hotel room, maybe even a table at a great restaurant and things like that. I guess it depends on what the client has in mind, but these are my 2 cents. A really great agency should be able to handle all the aspects of escorting, not just randomly putting clients in contact with escorts.


Well, there you have it, folks. The girls have spoken. These are the qualities you should look for in a top London agency. All of them and more can be found with our agency. At the VIP Pornstar Escort Agency, we make sure that you always meet the perfect girl for you. We help you with all the details of your booking and we’ll ensure that your experience is unforgettable. Not only that, but we work with some of the best escorts in the business and we spare no effort in making sure that they enjoy working with us. If you’d like to book with the best London escort agency, follow this link to our profile galleries and contact us for a booking. We guarantee a wonderful experience!

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