Kendra: My Parklane escort story

Kendra high class call girl

Meeting a Parklane escort can be a wonderful experience for anyone, beginner or connoisseur. As you must surely know, Park Lane is one of the most famous roads in London. Located right in the heart of the city, the area surrounding this wonderful street is always bustling and is packed with wonderful places where you can stay or grab a wonderful meal and drink. What’s more, the high class escorts located in this area are to die for.


Parklane escort Kendra

One of them is Kendra and, if you check out her profile at this link, you’ll see how incredible she really is. Red hair, a superb face and a perfect body, all topped with one of the most glorious pairs of natural breasts this city has ever seen, Kendra is the personification of beauty. Not only that, but she’s very intelligent and straightforward, not to mention funny and caring. Below, you’ll find one of her wonderful Park Lane stories. Make sure you read it if you want to get to know this young lady a bit better.


My favourite Parklane escort stories


For me, being a Parklane escort has been educational, inspirational but, most of all, loads of fun! This area has everything a high class escort could ever need: amazing shops, great restaurants and wonderful hotels. As a bit of a consumerist, I think it’s one of the best urban areas in the world. Not convinced? Just let me tell you how one of my bookings in the area went.

The agency received a call from a client who was just visiting London and was staying at a hotel near Park Lane. It was already 8 PM and I was free because my client for the day had cancelled, so I was all dressed up and with nowhere to go. Anyway, the client says that he’s looking for someone to spend time with, maybe have some dinner, but he wants to meet her fast. I was already dressed up and in the area. After a few questions, the agency figured out that I was also a very good match for him. We don’t generally take bookings unless we are well-matched.

On the agency’s recommendation, the client checks out my profile and says he’d be delighted to see me. As we were talking about booking details, he asked if I knew a really good place to eat in the area, and I recommended CUT and told him that the agency could handle dinner reservations there.

We met at his hotel’s lobby and I loved how elegant he was. He looked to be of Latin descent and he later told me that he was visiting from Venezuela. We walked to the restaurant together and we had a wonderful meal. The food there is always amazing and it can often get you in the mood for hanky, and sometimes even panky. He asked me more about being a Parklane escort and I did my best to answer. As the evening went on, I realised that we had a wonderful connection as we both appreciated fine art and music. He told he had a wonderful recording of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker at his hotel room and that we could go back there and listen together after dinner if I wanted to. I gladly accepted and I must admit that the quality of that rendition was quite stunning. I can’t remember who was playing, but I loved it and, as we were listening, we started kissing. He lowered my dress and unhooked my bra, eager to get to my large, heaving breasts. He proceeded to licking them with a passion and it felt incredible. When he slipped it inside me, I was so ecstatic because of the music and the way he treated my breasts that I finished in just a few seconds. I then went down on him and did my best to take the whole thing in, just as he told me. It was a wonderfully passionate night, filled with class and pleasure. And this is exactly why I sometimes adore being a Parklane escort.


Thank you for your amazing story, Kendra and we look forward to hearing from you again.

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