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All London premium escorts are wonderful ladies. The girls at our agency are absolutely incredible and are among the best in the business. All of them are beautiful, intelligent and funny, and each one comes with her own unique features that makes her one of a kind. But, even among the crème du la crème, sometimes a star shines so brightly that it momentarily becomes the most luminous object in the sky. Today, that star’s name is Clarissa.

London premium escorts Clarissa

She is one of the best London premium escorts we have ever worked with. She can be a little bossy, but when you get to know her better, you realise that she always gives 100% and she really wants the best for her friends and for her clients. To say that she has a heart of gold would be an understatement. Today, this extremely beautiful lady tells us how she came to work with us.


London premium escorts – how I became an escort


Becoming one of this agency’s London premium escorts was one of the best things I ever did with my life. I still think that graduating from university was the best, but this isn’t that far off, if I’m being honest. But how it began? Geesh, let me think about it a little. Well, I came to England from Brazil because I really wanted to go to university here. Cambridge has always been a dream for me, and it was one that I could make a reality. And, with the help of my job, I’m already done with my student loans. How many people could say this at 22?

I was in my final year at Cambridge when I decided to become a high class escort. Nobody talked me into it, nobody told me that I should try it. I was just looking for a job and I saw this agency’s ad. I came to London for an interview and I remember that it was me and 7 other girls during that day. Out of all of them, I was the only one who got hired. During the interview, I got a clear view of what I had and what I didn’t have to do as part of my job. I have to admit that the life of London premium escorts did seem quite glamorous and it was one of the factors that attracted me to the job.

I still remember how embarrassed I was when, during the training process, I had to be sat down and told that if I wanted to get the bossiness out of my system, I could be trainer for a day. I still laugh out loud out of nowhere when I remember the trainer’s face as she told me this.

My first booking was pretty eventful as well. My client told me that he really wanted to quit smoking but had a hard time with it, and I had him call the agency and promise that he’d only book me whenever he was nicotine free for at least a week. I know I had no way of checking, but I had to try to motivate him somehow, and back then I was still new.

The other girls really helped me a lot through my first few months, while I was still learning the ropes. Training here is really thorough, but experience is the best teacher of all and I love how London premium escorts stick together. Without the girls, I don’t think I’d be as successful as I am today. Especially seeing how hard it was for me at the beginning. I was still studying, so I had to come down from Cambridge to London every time I had a booking. But, with your support and your teachings, I made it work somehow.

Now I can say that I’ve accomplished more than other 22 year old girls would ever dream of and that I’m still living the high life. Finally, I’d like to thank you for finally letting me participate in the training process for the new London premium escorts!

And we thank you for always helping and always being yourself, Clarissa!

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