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Our agency firmly believes that spending time with one of our premier model escorts should be more than just a regular, yet fun, evening. It should be an experience you are never going to forget. It should be your best opportunity to make some of your dreams come true, but it should also be your best option if you’re just looking to spend some time in the company of one of the most beautiful women in the city.


taylor exclusive vip escort in london uk

And Taylor, one of our most successful premier model escorts, is definitely one of the most beautiful young ladies in London right now. This gorgeous Brazilian is only 22 years old, but she represents the perfect mix of youth and experience. Hailed as one of best elite escorts in London, Taylor is a very hard working lady who doesn’t rely solely on her looks. She has recently graduated from university and she recently told us that she thinks much of her sensuality is owed to the time she spent working as a glamour photo model. “Making love to the camera” has taught her to use her best qualities and to be free from any inhibitions. Today, Taylor tells us about one of her many adventures as one of our photo model escorts. Let’s get to know this gorgeous girl a little better by reading her story.


Premier model escorts share stories – Taylor’s night of double fun


Going out with 2 people at the same time has always been one of my favourite parts of being a VIP escort. There are so many wonderful possibilities when 3 open minded people meet. I was fortunate enough to be on such a booking just a couple of weeks ago and, even though I’m pretty experienced with these things, it was one of the most intense bookings I’ve ever been on.

Everything started when I got a call from a regular client. He really enjoys the company of premier model escorts and usually books me, accompanied by one of my colleagues, once or twice a month. This time, things would be a little different. He told me that a business partner, who is also one of his closest friends, is in town for the week and he’d love it if I could accompany them on a dinner date that would stretch throughout the night.

We met at a gorgeous little restaurant in Knightsbridge, very close to where I live. My client was charming and elegant as always, and I could see that he wanted his friend and I to get along well. During dinner, I realised that the two men were both very open minded and loved doing crazy, new things. My client’s friend seemed to be a delightful person and, as the evening went on, I realised that I found myself attracted to both of them. When we ordered dessert, we started talking about more intimate things and my two dates shared that they’ve always wanted to be in the same woman at the same time.

A few minutes later, my client asked if we wanted to go dancing or if we’d rather spend the rest of our time together at a hotel room. The three of us agreed that we wanted to get to the hotel room as fast as possible. We were all so excited about what we could do together.

When we got to their room, my client set the mood with dim lights and slow music. As we were dancing, I slowly got on my knees and started pleasing both of them with my mouth. They seemed to really enjoy the experience and I was doing my best to give both of them the attention they deserved. This stopped being a problem after the three of us started making love at the same time. You see this kind of thing in adult films almost all the time, but they never tell you how intense it can be. It’s probably one of the most intense experiences possible for premier model escorts. I was in a cloud of extreme pleasure, but I managed to keep myself composed enough to ensure that my client and his friend were completely satisfied. We made love throughout the night and it was an adventure that I’ll always remember fondly.


Thank you for your wonderful story, Taylor. It just goes to show that our premier model escorts are here to make your dreams come true. Contact us today to set up a booking and we’ll start you on your way towards fulfilled fantasies and wonderful experiences!

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